The partnership PLUS EUROPAINT® was formed from five business associates who decided to join together their efforts, desires and experience to undertake an initiative where customer satisfaction was the mayor priority. Mainly, this was achieved because of their policy based on: competitive pricing, assuring quality in products and chiefly, for truly personalized services. Thrilled with the project, Perfecto Díaz from Galicia, Manuel Garra from Catalonia, José Antonio García from Valencia, Emilio Cañizares from Madrid and Federico Ríos from Andalusia associate together to form a single supplier of paints and ancillaries for cars which conveniently covers throughout the national territory (Spain).
Daily, the Group is worried about its customers’ concerns and it tries to identify them so as to understand and choose what methods or means most suit to their needs.

Thus, we offer a personalized service by making customer service a priority, starting from profitability, efficiency, fair and reasonable pricing to competitiveness and so on. Focusing on those keys to achieve success.

Not only provide we a variety of innovative products but also providing one of the best integrated services – one of the main qualities in PLUS EUROPAINT®. We help our customers to achieve: higher performance in speed, quality and cost, with an innovative approach from the sale, assessment and repair planning to management and production of spare parts.

Providing our body shops with appropriate means and tools so that they can meet their goals and outrange their expectations in order to ensure success today and in the future.

Moreover, we have training centres where our sales engineers continually update their knowledge to give, always and without exception: an outstanding service, the best proposals and global solutions throughout the whole repair process. Furthermore, training activities are given in these centres to close critical gaps in the fields of sheet metal and car paint processes to future professionals. In addition, different training and management activities take place in these facilities throughout the year.


Looking for your Satisfaction through

  • Quality of our products
  • Competitive prices
  • Customer Service
  • Customized service
  • Efficient logistics