STAR CAR® NETWORK is an exclusive program of Plus Europaint Color España, A.I.E. It was designed to help assure the success of its distributors and clients. This network is compound by a selected group of bodyshops and collision repair experts that meet the toughest requirements delivering high-quality and professional repairs with one single aim: customer satisfaction and service quality.

Corporate Imagine

A good corporate imagine is a genuine asset. Hence, at 3B EUROPAINT® we have made every effort to provide to our customers an effective and powerful corporate imagine. All our body shops are successfully implemented with a potent corporate imagine. A professional, attractive and easy to identify corporate imagine to the Spanish market. This corporate imagine will boost your business as it was designed specially to generate confidence and seriousness that is to say what your customers will be looking for! All the body shops in our program STAR CAR® network possess this tool and all this makes the network represents a current, attractive and close image charged with personality to correctly position itself in the market.


The STAR CAR® network provides full national (Spain) coverage in security, high-quality service and repairs with all the warranties. Promoting the STAR CAR® network between insurance and leasing companies and, claims management companies. Our network works as a representative of our customers and it is responsible for the commercial management of collaborative agreements.

Is available a catalogue of corporate work clothing. In addition, STAR CAR® network will carefully select official suppliers to ensure compliance with our commitments.

Technical training and management training programs are available for our customers. And, on the other hand customers in our STAR CAR® network program will be provided with contact means. Furthermore, we offer our customers the possibility to use a STAR CAR® network Internet platform.

It provides the necessary elements to offer a lifetime warranty.

Quality and service

Implementing the 5 Star Program to ensure minimum quality standards is thus a requirement met by the STAR CAR® network, approved by the Network. Performing maintenance audits or implementing corporate image to both, inside and outside the body shops are also services taken on by the program. Also, body shops inside this program will be provided with a plate quality plaque certified by the consultant firm. One of the efforts of the entire STAR CAR® network is to ensure responsible care for the environment so all our products meet the appropriate standards required. An increased trade projection is ensured to all auto body shops belonging to our network.

Download our corporate identity manual